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The Voltaire

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The Pursuits of Happiness draws inspiration from the oddities of nature, midcentury design, and nostalgic memories. With the intention of bringing more art into everyday routines, we create pieces that are vibrant, playful, and unexpected. All products are ceramic, created in-house with various mid-range clays and building techniques. 

In celebration of sharp wit and free thinking, the first pipe is named Voltaire. Slim, elegant, and practical, the Voltaire pipe features a small compartment in front to pack your material. Mouth pieces are finished in gold or silver overglaze. Pipes are made by hand in small batches and go through three kiln firings to be completed.

  • Dimensions: 3.25 in. long x 0.3 in. wide
  • Available in black/gold, red/gold, white/gold, or sage/gold
  • Finished with 22 kt gold or silver (white gold)

This item is intended for use with tobacco only. Buyer is solely responsible for knowing and abiding by their local laws in purchasing and using this product.